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ACT was founded in 2012 with a solid core competence in High Precision Equipment Design and Manufacturing. The founding members of ACT has been growing the company with their over 20 years of expertise in Smart Card Module Packaging, Plastics Calendaring, Hotmelt Taping, Antenna/Inlay Manufacturing, Plastic Card Printing, Smart Card Manufactuirng and Personalization! The company is transformed into ACT Group Global in 2019 to become a World Leading Smart Digital Connectivity Solution Provider. Being now a Multinational Organization in full compliance with our Corporate Social Responsibilities, we are passionate to care beyond Customer Satisfaction. ACT Group Global is a Caring Company, whereby all members in our company are doing our very best to redefining the Public Services 5.0, as to make all service transactions Smarter, Safer and Faster. On top, we are advancing our R&D towards Environmental Friendly Products and Solutions, and sharing our profits and resources to improving the Living, Academic and Medical conditions in developing countries. ACT cares and we are making the world full of Hopes and Joy everyday!

Our Mission







Our Corporate Setup

Our Top And Targeted Customers

Our Core Valued Advantages

Talent Recognition

*World Class Operations
Excellence is Powered by the Highest Competent Level Xmen@

*The Highest Passionate,
Autonomous and Team Spirit throughout our WORKSPACE © with the highest Operational and Security Standards

*Advanced Talent and Rockstar
Development Courses well deployed by ACT University

*Out of the Box and Effective
Talent Recognition Scheme well applied towards the highest Talent Satisfactions from within

QECS Excellence

*100% Self Designed & Developed Advanced Technologies per Customers TRS with the Highest Industrial standards

*Advanced Quality Assurance and TRS Compliance Equipment with Patents © well deployed

*World Leading Industrial Equipment Reliability, Stability & OEE Excellence achieved

*Continuous Kaizens per day towards the Highest Customer Satisfactions and Value-Added Maximization

Value Chain Benefit Maximization

*World Class Value Chain Management Methodologies well applied

*Trusted Partnership established with Qualified, Certified and Suppliers with Seamless Communication and Collaborations

*Back to Back Contract Compliance Scheme per Upstream Customers Standards with “All Win Spirit”

*Translating the Highest QCD Effectiveness from Suppliers to Customers thanks to our Joint Massive Volume Globalization and Business Diversification

Passion to Growth

*Corporate KPIs defined based on Customers Growth and Satisfactions

*Extremely Fast Decision Making, Execution and Mission Completion based on Seamless Teamwork with Customers and Partners

*Performance Excellence based on Agile & Effective Deployment of the Most Advanced Technologies well justified in the field

*Full Blast Growth thanks to our Integrity of Professional Market Analysis, Competitive Landscape Studies, ROI Justification, Crisis Avoidance and Disaster Management